Cranberry Eco Preschool programs are for children aged 33 months to 5 years old. Please fill out the form below to register your child.
* Please note that a $25 non refundable registration fee and 1 month’s tuition (which will be applied to the first month of the term) are both due upon registration.
If Yes: Licensing requires we have your child's immunizations records on file. Please bring in a copy for our files.

If No: If your child is not immunized we will contact you directly as soon as we are aware of any communicable disease in the centre.
*If your child has Epi-Pen or Asthma inhalers that could be administered at school, parents/guardians must fill out a separate medication administration form.
*Please notify staff and bring a signed note if there will be somebody different picking your child up from school.



*I hereby grant permission for my child to use all of the play equipment and participate in all the activities of the school and to leave the school premises in an authorized vehicle, under the supervision of staff or parent volunteers on field trips, or on supervised walks off the school premises.

*I hereby grant permission for my child to be included in evaluations, photographs, video or interviews connected with the school program. I understand my child’s photograph may be used on Inclusion Powell River Society’s website.  Please note that due to the nature of social media photos posted online may stay up indefinitely. 

*I hereby grant permission for the Director or Acting Director to take whatever steps necessary to obtain emergency medical care for my child, if warranted. These steps may include, but are not limited to the following: 

1. Attempt to contact parent or guardian

 2. Attempt to contact child’s physician 

3. Attempt to contact persons listed on the Emergency Contact list. 

4. If any of the above are unsuccessful, we will do any or all of the following: 

a. Call another physician 

b. Call Emergency Medical Services 

c. Have child transported to Hospital in the care of a staff member. 

5. Any expense incurred under 4. (above) will be borne by the child’s family. 

I / We have read, understood and agree with Inclusion Powell River Society behaviour guidance policy. Inclusion Powell River Society will not be held responsible for anything that may occur as a result of false information given at the time of enrollment or withheld after. 

I / We hereby indemnify and save harmless Inclusion Powell River Society, their agents or employees from any lawsuit arising unless such damages are due to proven negligence or any event which may result from the actions of any child, employee or agent associated with Inclusion Powell River Society 

WITHDRAWAL: We assume that parents have put in time and consideration in selecting Inclusion Powell River Society for their child’s preschool education, and we strive to make the experience a positive one for both parents and children. If withdrawal is required, parents are required to give one full months’ notice in writing.

Cranberry Eco Preschool

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Powell River, BC V8A 3R2

(604) 208-3807